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Again, so sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve just been so busy and excuses, excuses, excuses…. Anyway, I’m back today because I finally decided on something to write about and maybe this is something that you’ve been curious about or maybe not. Today’s post is about why I chose to dive into buying Indie beauty products.

I’d like to say that one day I just “found” indie products and never went back but that would be untrue, the real reason is because I had made some really dear friends on a web forum. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, YOU MADE FRIENDS WITH STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET? Why yes, yes I did and they are some of the greatest women I know and I absolutely cherish their friendship.

On said web forum,  I interacted with my friends on a daily basis and they were all buzzing about indie products, one company that they kept mentioning was Glamour Doll Eyes. Now, because I am such a makeup fiend and was curious, I checked out the GDE site and from that point forward, I never looked back on mainstream products.

Blah, blah, blah… ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH!

Here are a few reasons why indie is better:

– Products are handmade so you know exactly what’s going into them

– You can almost always communicate with the company owners (try doing that with mainstream, it won’t happen)

– Variety in colors, size, scent are excellent amongst indie brands

– Products are relatively less expensive

– Scent options and colors are unique, incredibly unique

– Products have fun names (like GDE “Lace Panties” eyeshadow, or Aromaleighs “Purple Shirt of Sex” blush)

– Lots of movie/fandom inspired collections (Mean Girls, BBC Sherlock, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, etc.)

– Some companies offer “custom” options, ever wanted your own eyeshadow color? What about a perfume? Glitter?

The not so great:

– TAT (Turn around time) can be long for certain companies, however it’s well worth the wait

So what are my favorite indie companies?

Makeup: Glamour Doll Eyes, Aromaleigh, and Brija (in that order)

Body Products: Black Violet (the best!)

Perfume: One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO) and Darling Clandestine (equal but different)

The company that I want to focus on today is Glamour Doll Eyes because it is my absolute favorite indie brand out there. The brand is owned by a lovely woman and someone I would consider a good friend, Vee. Glamour Doll Eyes makes great eyeshadow and blush with excellent staying power, tons of sparkle (if you so desire) and has an epic TAT, this is the company that I go to for instant gratification and I go to often because I have zero patience. I’m talking shipping notifications sometimes within minutes of my order, Vee is a wizard/unicorn.

I have quite the collection at this point and I have no intentions to stop buying from GDE, in fact, I have an order in transit to me right now for the very limited Easter Egg Hunt collection (a total of 20 sets were available and I’ll review it as soon as it arrives).

Wanna see me collection? Check it out!

Here's a ton of my eyeshadow collection, all from GDE. Look at the range of colors, so fetch

Here’s a ton of my eyeshadow collection, all from GDE. Look at the range of colors, so fetch

Here are a couple of close ups, because they are just too pretty!

So pretty, am I right?

So pretty, am I right?

Here’s a breakdown on pricing for GDE eyeshadows:

Full size: $6.00 – no sifter=1/2 to 3/4 tsp in a 5 gram jar- sifter= 1/2 tsp in 5 gram jar

Sample jar:$2.50 1/4 tsp in a 5 gram jar

Sample baggie: $1.25 for 1/8th tsp in a baggie

Orders over $10 with qualifying products (almost every product qualifies) receive a full size GWP shadow that changes every month. (I try to make at least one order each month so that I can grab my freebie) Right now the color included as a freebie is called 13 shades of Cray and it’s a gorgeous blue. If there are any left overs of the monthly GWP shades they go up for sale the following month, you can check out the colors from January through March here.

Another amazing offer that GDE has is that if you order a sample baggie or jar and love it so much that you need a full size, all you have to do is e-mail the owner, Vee, and she will create a custom listing for you. This custom listing will include your full size eyeshadow with the price of the sample you originally purchased deducted from the total. So, say you ordered a sample jar of Prankster (check that out below in the pic) and need a full size. You’re price for the full jar will be only $3.50 instead of the normal $6.00. How fucking incredible and generous is that?

All around GDE is an incredible company, and would be the first company I would tell someone new to indies about.

Now would you like to see a little look that I did using some GDE products? This look is inspired by a combination of the modern day representation of Snow White (think OUAT version) and the Disney classic:

Fair skin, red lips, rosy cheeks.

Fair skin, red lips, rosy cheeks.

Eyeshadow close up with natural lighting

Eyeshadow close up with natural lighting

Eyeshadow close up with indoor lighting

Eyeshadow close up with indoor lighting

All eyeshadow by Glamour Doll Eyes, they are:

Downtown in upper crease

Prankster across crease

Simply Meant to Be (LE, no longer available) on outer lid

…Hold Me (LE, no longer available) on outer lid


Red Mafia (LE, no longer available)


Nars Cruella to line

Crimson Nebula Hydraglaze to top and fill

So, uhhh, there’s that! I know I need to work on my brows but just stare at the shiny eyeshadow and you will find yourself falling quickly into a trance. Let the sparkles consume your soul!

I simply love Glamour Doll Eyes, I love that the products are affordable, pigmented and so damn unique. Go check out their website and order yourself a sample or two, or twenty (shit, I won’t stop you)….

Until next time,

Fare thee well,

Fair Maiden